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Gaper Fools Day! The Jackson Hole community was out in full forces to celebrate “Gaper Fools Day”. Partly cloudy skies and spring like temperatures provided the setting an outrageous show. Classic ski gear including snow blades, one-pieces, fanny packs and skinny skis were dusted off to make their appearance. The Go-Pro theme was pushed to limit with riders strapping over-sized cameras to their helmets. The festivities of the day provided the setting for everyone on the mountain to let loose and embrace the insanity of this lifestyle.
All season long, skiers and riders in Jackson Hole have been pushing their athletic ability, defying gravity and challenging nature’s fury. On Gaper Fool’s Day, it’s all about “Thunder Bumps” and classic art of mogul skiing. Masses of riders (half with adult beverages in tow) hurled themselves down the run, out of control and loving it. The annual right of passage was a picture perfect start to the closing weekend and a reminder that in all the seriousness of riding Jackson Hole, and the end of the day, it’s all about fun!

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