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the Mountain Pulse Jackson Hole Skiing Snowboarding

“Operation Skin & Ski”
Adrenaline fueled the final stretch of the climb as we marched along the crest of Rendezvous Bowl. “I can’t believe we’re almost there!”, Jake exclaimed. Peering down upon the valley, a sense of accomplishment reverberated amongst the group. Exulting in the moment, we prepared to ride, all the while aware that the perfect lines awaiting below represented the fruits of our labor. We sensed this run would be memorable, not due to conditions, but because we earned it.
The aerial tram packs 1000 horse power enabling it to speed towards the summit of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in only nine minutes. Comparatively, human power, at a rate of 1000 vertical feet per hour, requires a significant amount of time to accomplish the same task. Step by step, as the hours passed by, we ascended into the clouds, surrounded by beauty and silence. Taking in the sight, hidden details of the mountain emerged. Its dynamic beauty offers features that set it apart from all others in North America. Turn after turn, we relished in the moment, paying respect to our favorite lines. In classic JH style, a celebration ensued at the base with Pabst Blue Ribbon and in a jovial state, we called it a day.
-KW 4/30/11

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