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the Mountain Pulse Jackson Hole Skiing Snowboarding

This place is legendary – Snowfall building through out the week showed no weakness as both Saturday and Sunday in Jackson Hole saw accumulations in the mountains of 6 inches or more. To put it in surfing terms, we are hitting an insane swell that is pounding the beach with set after set of epic breaks. Chutes plunging down cliff bands normally requiring mandatory air seem to be far less intimidating and practically ski through. The early days of spring have brought with them a hefty dose of winter that has been more than appreciated.
Good vibes, rocking tunes and killer events of the weekend landed it amongst the top of the winter season. As the month of March draws to a close, the end of lift service reveals itself. While you’ve got the time, take a run down your favorite line, and remember why you know you’ve got to be back there next year to do it again. Oh, and while your thinking about that, Jackson Hole is expecting accumulations of 4-7 inches during the day tomorrow. Just get out there and do it!

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