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You never know who you’ll run into.. Jackson Hole has a strong knit social community that values the authenticity of western hospitality. When people come across someone in trouble, they help a partner out. Encountering a confused tourist, they point’em in the right direction. Acts of kindness seem to be more common here than other places on the planet. Go figure. Guaranteed to accompany each season on the mountain are welcomed exchanges with friends. It’ll happen on a chairlift or during an apre’s ski. If you’re lucky though, it’ll be on top of the boot pack.
3/21/11: The first run of the day also happened to be last tram of day. Made it just in time for a Jackson Hole ‘coffee break’. Strapping in on a peak south of the resort, recognizable faces appeared on the summit. “Yo Than – what’s up dude!” followed moments later by “Mike!, haven’t seen you in while!”. How cool to run into people of like minded interest out in their elements. Golfers hang out at the range. Bowlers kick in the alley. Skiers and riders… they’re found in the mountains.

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