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Pond Skim! If “Z” were here, he would encapsulate the events of today into a flowing sililoquy. Shout out to you bud, we toast to your positive vibes and continue to wish you well out east. The shenanigans witnessed this afternoon at Snow King amounted to first class entertainment. If legends are referred to as a popular myths of recent origin, then today they were made. The announcer, channeling his costume as circus director, wielded a bull whip while keeping the microphone hot. Fearless participants pointed their tips towards the freezing abyss in attempts to walk on water. Some survived. Others did not. The spectacle, approaching its climax, witnessed a bikini lad ski bunny attempting to cross the pond on a 1970’s ski-bike. Creativity and style points were high! Throughout the afternoon, smiles were abundant and the sense of community was strong. On the equinox of spring, it was yet another great event to be held at Snow King this year. Hats off to the efforts of the groomers, operations staff and ski patrol!


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