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Hundred Days



The Mountain Pulse Jackson Hole

Entering the final full month of Jackson Hole’s “regular season” causes us to pause; for the briefest of moments we come up for air, and wonder how we got to March already? Fortunately the angst is quickly forgotten as we slide off the lift and back into the thick of it all. Recent snowless days have put our ample base to good work, turning hardpack into a lush shag carpet by the afternoon. Even tech lines like the Mushroom Shoots are skiing optimally. Of course there must be something said of the legs driving these turns. Deep into the season, we are ten point bucks on skis and boards: in our prime. Now is the time to send that line you’ve been scouting all season. Because as Warren Miller likes to say, “If you don’t do it now, you’ll be one year older when you do!”

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