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“32 inches in 24 hours at Targhee,” announced a local radio station to the chagrin of every Idaho resident from Victor to Tetonia. “Come on over!” While packs of pow hounds made the trip from Jackson this morning, there was plenty of goodness to go around in Alta, Wyoming. “Top five runs of the season, and the best turns of my life in one stash,” reported ‘ghee local Peter Sheppard. “I sank to my armpits and floated through a north-facing slope, ripping the storm’s fresh 16, arching yesterday’s 32, and sometimes thrashing a gaping 54!”

 Here in Teton Village, the powder mistress lurked behind every tree and crevice. For those on the first or second Tram, Rendezvous Bowl skied arguably the best all season with pristine visibility and clean lines. From there it was a tossup: go south out the gates to “Why not,” or north to Pepi’s Bench for the Headwall, Casper, and Crags. Either or, the snow was DEEEEEEEEP. 



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  1. Let me out …… I gotta get to the GHEE!
    And I ain’t talkin Indian Butter!

    • David Winner
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