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In the wake of last night’s rocking Kinetix show at the Mangy Moose, many met the day with ringing ears and throbbing heads. Fortunately, second to a morning beer, nothing kills a hangover like fresh pow… and there was that in abundance today. Fat flakes fell throughout the day, collecting in the trees and loading on north facing aspects by a steady wind. Off Thunder, hard-charging groms tore up Paint Brush, doing the day justice for the poor schleps who took it easy. If you didn’t leave it on the field today, it’s RPK2 tonight, so tomorrow’s your chance for redemption.


One Response to “02/19/11”

  1. Curious about some Jackson shorthand here:

    “hard charging groms”: “leave it on the field..”:RPK2:
    “north facing aspects”.

    No justice for the poor schleps who don’t know the lingo!

    • David Winner
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