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The King’s New Clothes

The crowd wasn’t too sure what to expect when a semicircle of fire was lit at the end of the jump. “The Outrageous Airshow” at the Snow King Winter Fest had already lived up to its name, complete with fireworks, acrobatic aerials, and a fair share of cringe-worthy crashes. Yet there is something about a ring of fire that entrances an audience. The skiers and riders descended synchronized, and hit the jump in swift succession, slipping through the flames seamlessly. The crowd roared with approval.

With the future of Snow King uncertain, tonight’s festivities served as a much needed reminder of the potential and importance of our in-town resort. Consumed by the happenings of the Village, Jackson locals oft forget the tremendous mountain we have in our modest hub. Sure it may not match the terrain of the Vill, but Snow King is a fundamental part of Jackson Hole’s ski and snowboard culture.


One Response to “02/18/11”

  1. Not to mention a vista worth writing home about if you happen to be staying at said resort.
    And did we mention value….. YES, a great value. And, lest we forget, it comes with an “approved by” Gary Cooper sticker.

    • David Winner
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