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The Mountain Pulse Jackson Hole Skiing Snowboarding

Cody Peak

 The distance from the top of the tram to Cody Peak is 1.5 miles. Conditions a top the towering peak to the south of Rendezvous Bowl can change in a heart beat. Marching against blustering winds along the exposed ridge lines is a humbling experience. The habitat of the high altitude environment is truly unforgiving and one to be respected. As a guest, I tread lightly and focused on forward momentum. The reward presented itself atop the summit in the form of a wind buffed couloir.

Taking in the beauty of the day, an occasional hoot and holler could be heard off in the distance. A constant reminder that everything the eye can see is being skied. The sense of exploration embodied by the culture in Jackson Hole is inspiring, and demoralizing. Just when you think your pushing the limits, you see an artistic line laid upon a death defying slope and are totaly blown away. Keep your head up and always walk away!


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