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The Mountain Pulse Jackson Hole

A Spoonful of Powder Makes the Medicine Go Down…
“So what’s on your docket for you this week?” a buddy asks.
“Man, the list is endless: deadlines, phone calls, meetings. I’m like Andy Dufresne chipping away at the walls of Shawshank …I haven’t even made it to the tunnel of crap yet.”
“Well, you could ski less,” he poses.
“Can’t, that’s about the only thing keeping me sane.”

Life can be like a juggling act in a batting cage: the balls keep coming in hot, while you struggle to keep them all in the air. The balls aren’t necessarily always work related, but the myriad of elements that make up a life. At times, those baseballs can turn into balloons, extending their air time, and allowing us to achieve a certain grace. But for the most part, we’re all struggling not to drop the ball.

Lucky for us, we have powder. Not only that, we have powder in Jackson Hole. No matter how hot the cauldron of concerns burns, a refreshing chill washes over us when sliding over snow in this profound place.

Powdays like today strip us down to our primal being where we function purely on sensory experience and surging emotions. We have no faculties for worldly stress when we’re charging through thick trees, hucking cliffs, and eating heaping spoonfuls of pow.


One Response to “02/07/11”

  1. “Z” you have got it right! Life can not be one long Rat Race one needs to always intergrate some joy into each day! For those out in Jackson, you have so many naturual highs to keep life on an even keel.

    • louisecocuzzo
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