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Hundred Days



The Mountain Pulse Jackson Hole

Back to the Pack…the Bootpack that it is.
Many mounted the snowy staircases inbounds and in the sidecountry today, accessing the six inches that fell over recent days. A personal favorite, Shot II from Apres Vous was an untouched candyland, complete with marshmallow booters and fluffernutter faceshots. With the unknowing masses running up Pepi’s Bench to the Headwall and Crags, the A.V. bootpack was the road less taken, ensuring fresh lines long into the day. Just hiking again was worth a trip to the Village. Over the past weeks, cruising groomers, I’ve sensed my gut grow from modest to generous. Yet one day meditatively punching those snowy steps to even breaths wrangles the waistline and clears the mind.


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  1. enjoying the hundred days We have made mountain pulse our home page so we don’t miss a day!

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