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Hundred Days



The Mountain Pulse Jackson Hole

Snowflakes dance in the street lights like swarms of fireflies, sending the imagination to the top of the Tram where it’s RPK2 tonight. If the snowfall was proportional to the penance we’ve paid in precipitation-less days, tomorrow would be record breaking. Of course, tis not the way of the weather. To this end, I quote Squaw Pro Freeskier and writer Miles Clark who put it perfectly in an UnofficialNetworks.com post when Squaw broke out from a recent draught: “Granted, this storm is but a brief respite, but, like any homely acne-covered computer programmer who’s nose whistles when he breaths, we’ll take anything at this point.” Well said Miles, well said. No matter what accumulates, tomorrow’s crowds will surely be ravenous, gobbling up every scrumptious flake.

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