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Hundred Days



The Mountain Pulse Jackson Hole

Give gapers props. While frigid temps deterred many from the Village today, the paper-ticket-totting, one-piece-wearing, skinny ski posse was out in full force, getting after it. Salty locals love to hate on these visitors. Hate on them not. Even on a day like today with the frost bite danger extreme, their excitement for being in Jackson burned ferociously. Cruising down Rendezvous Trail, I watched a legion of one-piece-wonders plunge into the bone-breaking bumps of Bivouac with happy hoots and hollers. What moxy. While we complain about snowless days, they are riding bell to bell, thrilled with every shallow turn. They keep the fire roaring when our flames are flickering dim. So when you’re on the lift in the coming days and a gaper grabs a seat with you on the chair, say “what’s up?” Because their stoke is infectious, and may lift your spirits, and remind you why you live here.


2 Responses to “02/02/11”

  1. Funny, the Pops and meself might have just been outed…… The names have changed to protect the guilty!

    • David Winner
  2. I think it was, at least for him, the ” one piece wonder”.
    You guys at the “Pulse” are a font of instant classics……

    • David Winner
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