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Hundred Days



The Mountain Pulse Jackson Hole


When the tram docks for the day, Jackson locals belly up to the bar and toast the day with raised PBRs. Scanning the goggle-tanned faces, men view an unfortunate reality: Jackson women are beautiful and athletic, but also markedly few.

The girl-to-guy ratio rivals most technical schools. Air drenched in testosterone, a bar becomes a case study in natural selection: too many predators, not enough prey. Excluding some fortuitous run-in with a gaper, most men find themselves married to the mountain, getting their rocks off charging aggressive lines.

And that is what it ultimately comes down to: RIDING HARD. Money, career, health, relationships- all come secondary to this objective. Devotion to the sport, to the life, ascends to a priority beyond all other worldly temptations.



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  1. crested butte feels your pain

    • chris
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