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Hundred Days



The Mountain Pulse Jackson Hole

FIELD TRIP: After experiencing the “The Big One”, traveling to other ski resorts leaves much to be desired. A weekend field trip to Park City Utah resurrected feelings long forgotten since moving to Jackson Hole. My angst in the Wasach Mountains is surmised in a single question: Where is the vert? Reinforced instantly was my unwavering affinity for the access provided by the Tram at Jackson Hole. Simply put, there’s nothing like it. Other mountains only produce an awkward sense of longing for something more.

Receiving 6″ on Saturday, I almost fainted at the base of the Town Chairlift when a skier remarked, “How do they expect us to do anything out here with all this snow everywhere.” I knew right away that I was out of my element, far from the scene of powder hungry rippers and for the first time, truly homesick. The remedy? Crank up the tunes, imagine yourself in the Hobacks, and take it for what it’s worth: exactly half of what you’d find at Jackson Hole.

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