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Hundred Days



The Mountain Pulse Jackson Hole

For many, Jackson Hole is a land of earning your turns. Whether on Teton Pass or in the National Park, some of North America’s most exhilarating, aesthetic lines await those willing to hike and skin for them. Some would say that it’s here in the National Forest that the soulful circles of Teton Valley’s ski and snowboard community quietly lay claim.
Venturing away from the Village, The Mountain Pulse team scratched the surface of this backcountry bounty on Glory Bowl today. Conditioned to the sidecountry hikes off the tram, we were quick to appreciate that the 45 minute trek up Glory is no Four Pines: set your pace, pressure breath, and settle in for the 10086 foot summit.
Last night’s five to six inches was windblown, collecting on the leeward slopes at depths closer to a foot. Descending down Shovel Slide with Macy, the Mountain Pulse mascot, in hot pursuit, we relished in bottomless turns.

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